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An iPhone 11 Pro Survived 30 Days Submerged Underwater and Is Still Working Perfectly!

The iPhone 11 Pro was launched in 2019 with IP68 rating for water and dust resistence. Apple also says that the iPhone 11 Pro can be completely submereged in water for 30 minutes, but advises users to never do that on purpose. However, in a rather unusual story, a Canadian woman, who dropped her iPhone 11 Pro in a freezing lake while fishing in Canada, retreieved the smartphone after a whole 30 days, to find it still working perfectly. Yes, you heard that right. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro survived 30 days completely submerged in deep waters and is still in working condition. A report in Canada’s CTV News aired the story, showing Angie Carriere, who was able to retreive the smartphone after three whole attempts. Carriere had earlier given up on retrieving the smartphone, but said that she was determined to get back the photos on the smartphone, so decided to find it. Upon finding it, much to her surprise, Carriere booted the phone and everything worked as it should!

Carriere and her friends used a fish finder and a magnet to locate and pull out the iPhone 11 Pro. Carriere was celebrating her 50th birthday with her friends by ice fishing, when a gust of wind blew their tent up. As Carriere tried to keep the tent down, the smartphone slipped from her thigh and dropped into the lake. It took Carriere and her friends up to two hours to retreive the smartphone. “There’s nothing about the phone that doesn’t work. It’s amazing,” Carriere told CTV News.

While this is quite impressive by any standard in terms of water resistance, Apple will not officially support the situation for liability reasons.

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