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Apple Glass Could Come by 2022; Might House a 0.5-Inch Sony MicroOLED Display

Apple logo. (Image Credit: Reuters)

Apple Glass is could use the 0-5-inch microOLED display for AR applications or HUD.

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  • Last Updated: October 24, 2020, 18:26 IST


Darab Ali

Apple’s much-awaited Apple Glass smart glasses have been rumoured to launch two years later in 2022. The smart glasses are said to come with AR capabilities as well. Now, a report has surfaced that claims that Apple Glass might use a 0.5-inch Sony microOLED display with a 1280×960 resolution. The Sony microOLED display has a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and a wide colour gamut.

The report comes from a US display expert named Ross Young, who said that multiple sources have said that the Apple Glass will house a 0.5-inch Sony microOLED. MicroOLED refers to Sony’s micro-display technology which the company says is built for AR/VR and other applications. Sony says that the microOLED displays have a response speed of 0.01 micro-second. Further, the 0.5-inch display will have a pixel density of over 3,000 pixels per inch. Given that the glass on a normal pair of spectacles runs somewhere around 2-inches, it could be said that the microOLED will be integrated within the larger lens. This would also limit the field view of AR or HUD, whichever the lens is used for. It could also be that the OLED display on the Apple Glass may project visual data across the surface of the entire lens. While there are many use cases that come to mind, nothing could be said with certainty.

Recently, a patent was published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office about a head-worn Apple device that could possible be the Apple Glass. The report said that the head-worn device (possibly the Apple Glass) will enable iPhones to recognise head gestures and respond to them.

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