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Battlegrounds Mobile India launch in trouble again? Telangana MP raises questions against PUBG Mobile alternative

The upcoming launch of Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India has already invited several troubles. Touted to be an alternative of PUBG Mobile India, it is said that the game has many similar features as that of PUBG. 

The game is being built with India-centric customisations and features.  However, now new trouble has cropped up in addition to receiving backlash from the government to stop the launch of the game. 

Arvind Dharampuri, Member of Parliament from Nizamabad (Telangana) has now written a letter to the IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad about the Battlegrounds Mobile India mentioning several issues of Battlegrounds Mobile India that are of “serious nature and need examination.” 

These issues range from international data transfers despite data being stored in India. It also highlighted the Terms of Service of the game that will be governed by South Korea. It also asks to investigate Krafton’s investments and agreements with Tencent.

In the aftermath of the China-India border clash, PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year along with several other Chinese apps. Krafton announced the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India in November last year but it was delayed for months. 

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