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Bengaluru based Online Gifting Start-up FRINZA is revolutionizing the way people buy gifts

Gifting has always played an important role in developing healthy and loving relationships. Giving the right gift is not only a sweet gesture of appreciation towards your loved ones, but also reflects how much you care for the person and value them. Any relationship that you have in life whether being a son, daughter, husband, wife or any other is unique in its own way, and this is why it becomes all the more important to select the right gift. And gifting is not only restricted to personal relationships, One of the best ways to encourage employee engagement and loyalty is through employee gifting and rewards and recognition.

So what happens when an employee is upbeat and feels esteemed at the work environment? They anticipate working with the organization for the coming years. Thus, employee gifting cultivates a more healthy employer-employee relationship, something each organization looks forward to.

But selecting the right gift is a tedious task. First you have to remember the occasion, then you have to select the right gift, which takes a lot of time and if you are somehow able to manage these first two then you have to make sure that the gift delivers on time, which rarely happens.

Yes, the emotions behind the gift are more important, but if you give just the right gift they were looking for, it will add that subtle smile of gratification on your loved one’s face that you would want to cherish for a lifetime.

But how do you solve this daunting task of selecting the perfect gift for your loved ones and that too in minimal time and also making sure it delivers on time? Well, that is exactly where FRINZA comes into the picture. FRINZA is the world’s 1st Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine learning (ML) powered annual-recurring-Subscription-model-based one-stop-Gifting-Solution E-commerce company that is disrupting the global gifting industry through its unique offerings and customer driven values.

FRINZA had also filed a patent earlier for their invention titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SCHEDULING GIFTS” with the Indian patent office which has now got published, and once the patent gets granted it will literally created a mighty entry barrier for the competitors.

FRINZA was founded by Praveen Singh Rajput who holds an MBA from SIBM, Bengaluru and is also one of the youngest Penguin India authors of the book titled “Locha 20+”.

Truptimayee Lenka is the Co-founder and COO of FRINZA. Trupti has done her B.Tech. in E&TC and has more than 5 Years of experience in order processing, Vendor management, Operations and Logistics in the Gifting Industry.

FRINZA provides a wide range of premium quality gifts. The gifts range from exquisite collection of souvenirs, cherry-picked flowers, luscious cakes, scrumptious chocolates, tender plants, mesmerizing books, Gift Cards, Handicrafts, a wide array of personalised products and many meaningful gifting categories planned with a befitting sense of elegance for every occasion.

“We have also expanded our product category to include E-greeting cards, kindle books, customized wishes website, personalized- poems, birthday wishes and online performance by favourite celebrities /influencers/artists,” adds Trupti.

How does the AI-ML powered annual-recurring-subscription system work? The user making a purchase through FRINZA’s website or app simply needs to subscribe to an annual-recurring-subscription package depending on their budget and enter the information pertaining to the person they are buying a gift for, in terms of age, gender, interests, profession, personality, occasion, need of recipient and their relationship with them. These details are to be entered only once. That’s all.

FRINZA’s AI-ML powered technology will help you remember all the important occasions of your loved ones be it birthday’s, marriage anniversaries, work anniversaries, wife’s birthday, boss’s birthday or any other occasion that matters to you. Then FRINZA will also help you select and purchase the personality-occasion-relation specific gift, thereby saving you from the pain of spending hours on selecting the perfect gift. And once the gift is purchased the system will also automatically deliver it to the recipient on the day of the occasion. The best part is FRINZA does all this within the budget of the subscriber.

Such is the power of technology nowadays “Artificial intelligence can uncover linkages that humans can’t,” remarks Praveen Singh Rajput.

“We are living in a world where humans are becoming more artificial and machines are becoming more intelligent. We at FRINZA are using technology to make sure that you and your loved ones forever enjoy this beautiful practice of gift giving, because that subtle smile that gifting brings on your face is always our most precious possession,” added the young founder.

Frinza started in 2018, with their website going fully functional only in January 2019. In less than 19 months Frinza expanded its delivery network to more than 650+ cities in India and most cities of the USA, UK, UAE, Canada and Australia. FRINZA aims to add 25+ major gift categories, 1500+ sub categories, more than 10000+ child categories and nearly 5L+ products by the end of year 2021.

“FRINZA is here, not only to deliver gifts, but to dominate, disrupt and redefine the global gifting industry. We are going to change the way the word ‘gift’ is currently perceived,” says Praveen Singh Rajput.

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