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Delhi Night Curfew e-Pass: Technical glitches disappoint people, heavy demand overwhelms website

New Delhi: Amid the Covid-19 resurgence across the nation, Delhi government has imposed seven hours of night curfew in the city (effective from Tuesday, April 7) till April 30 during which everything will be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

People will require a soft or hard copy of the e-pass to travel during curfew hours. The e-pass can be obtained from the Delhi government website — www.Delhi.Gov.In.

Meanwhile a TOI report said that owing to heavy demand for e-passes people were left disappointed due to technical glitches and logjam. Several people faced difficulties in getting the e-pass as heavy demand overwhelmed the website.

As per a PTI report, the highest number of applications were received in New Delhi district at 13,139, followed by 11,661 in South West, 9,947 in South, 7,673 in West, 6,560 in North West, and 6,065 in East Delhi. New Delhi district also saw the highest number of rejected applications at 6,074, followed by 5,603 in East, 5,580 in West, 4,637 in South and 3,431 in West Delhi. A total of 6,132 applications were accepted and verification was pending for 51 others. The highest pendency of applications was seen in New Delhi at 6,525. As many as 5,093 applications were pending in South and 4,102 each in North West and South West. In Shahdara district, 1,110 applications were received and 1,105 were pending, the data showed. East Delhi district, which received 6,065 applications, had the lowest pendency at 42.

How to check status of e-Pass for Delhi night curfew

If you have already applied for e-pass, click at the following link


Now enter the 7 character ePass ID to check status

Enter the check status button

Who can get e-Pass for Delhi night curfew

e-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services, but do not have a Government ID.

This form is being launched only for such people.

Others kindly DO NOT submit this form.

You are required to carry an e-Pass only if your work requires travel in the night (from 10PM – 5AM)

If your work-related travel is limited to day-time, you DO NOT have to apply for this e-Pass

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