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Google’s Assistant driving mode feature comes to India

Google has launched its ‘Assistant driving mode’ feature in India, as part of its international rollout. Google users in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland and Singapore can also use the feature that improves the driving experience. Previously, the ‘Assistant driving mode’ was available only in the US.

What is Google Assistant driving mode?  

Google Assistant driving mode helps drivers easily keeping up with their tasks while keeping the focus on the road. “Driving mode makes all of this possible without ever leaving the navigation screen, so you can minimize distractions on the road,” Google said.

You can easily use your voice to place and receive calls or send texts with the feature. You can also review new messages across all your messaging apps in one place so that you don’t have to open separate apps on your smartphone. 

The driving assistant alerts drivers when they are getting an incoming call, which you can answer or decline with your voice commands only. For entertainment purposes, you can play music from the libraries of YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many more.

How to activate Google Assistant driving?

Currently, Google has rolled out the assistant driving feature for select users as part of its testing programme. If you have received an invite to test Google assistant driving then you can use the feature right away. 

You need to tap on the pop up on your Google Maps apps while navigating to a destination. You can also activate the mode by selecting the ‘Transporatation’ option in your Google Assistant settings. 

Which devices will support Google assistant driving? 

Google says that smartphones with Android 9.0 or higher can use the assistant driving mode. Moreover, the feature will work smoothly on devices with 4GB RAM or more.

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