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Samsung Galaxy Fold Now Adding New Features Like Rear Cam Selfie, DeX Support and More

Samsung’s first-generation Galaxy Fold phone that was launched in 2019, is now getting new features that are currently available with the latest Galaxy Z Fold 2. According to the company, the “select popular features” including App Pair, Samsung DeX support, and an updated Wi-Fi setting are rolling out the Galaxy Fold starting today. Additionally, the phone is also getting new camera features like auto framing, capture view mode, and Rear Cam Selfie. The features are rolling out with an OTA update; however, it is unclear whether users in India are receiving the update as well.

Starting with the new App Pair on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the feature lets users launch up to three apps simultaneously in a preferred split-screen layout. It can be accessed via the Edge Panel that combines the multi-window tray with Edge Panel for improved convenience. “All you need to do is swipe the side of the screen to see up to 22 of your favourite apps,” the Samsung explains. Another Galaxy Z Fold 2-feature coming to the Galaxy Fold is Samsung DeX support that enables users to connect the smartphone to a Smart TV wirelessly. Its shortcut key is available in the quick panel. Additionally, users can now directly share Wi-Fi the password to nearby Galaxy devices seamlessly. According to Samsung, “The updated Wi-Fi feature can also show you the speed of nearby connections (Very Fast, Fast, Normal Slow) to help you easily find one that’s suitable.”

Moving to the enhanced camera features, the latest update lets users take selfies via the rear camera with the Rear Cam Selfie. Samsung Galaxy Fold users need to open the Camera app on the cover screen and activate Rear Cam Selfie. “Pro Video Mode on the Galaxy Fold now comes with more capturing (21:9 ratio and 24fps video) and creative functions (histogram, focus peaking), while Single Take lets you capture up to 15 seconds of content to deliver a selection of best moments in photos and video,” Samsung added. Other camera features like Capture View Mode allows users to capture and review photos in real-time. It shows up to five of the latest photos or videos on the left side of the Main Screen while offering a preview of the next shot on the other half.

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