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This Sonos, Ikea Photo Frame May Cost Rs 15,000, and is Also a Smart Speaker

Sonos and Ikea are back at it, according to reports across the internet. While the two companies have previously joined hands to create gadgets that look like home furnishing additions, the portfolio of products under the Sonos, Ikea collaboration (named Symfonisk) is apparently ready to welcome a third member to the team – a picture frame that doubles up as a Wi-Fi enabled smart home speaker. The entire objective of the Sonos-Ikea collaboration is to create smart gadgets that do not look so, and instead fit right in with home decor – and on that note, the Sonos-Ikea Symfonisk picture frame should work just as intended.

Ever since being listed online on Ikea’s portal around the world, the picture frame listing has since been taken down. The likely reason for this is that Sonos and Ikea probably aim to announce it officially – there are rumours of a June 14 virtual event to announce more updates from the Symfonisk lineup. Products being listed online erroneously and being spotted by sharp eyed observants is the most common way in which information gets leaked about upcoming launches. In this case, it seems that the picture frame will unfortunately not sport a digital display to show photos of your choice – or even a slot to fit in the old school family print.

Instead, Sonos and Ikea apparently wish to sell it just as a decorative picture frame – more of an Art Deco statement rather than an actual frame for a photograph. It is also tipped to cost $199 (approx. Rs 14,500), and whether you find this price to be a bit much given that you won’t even get to put your own photograph in it is totally down to your approach with home decor. The frame will be seemingly offered in black and white, and feature a decorative front that can apparently be changed as per preference. The frame measures 22 inches in length and 16 inches in breadth, with 2 inches of depth.

So far, general reviews of the Sonos, Ikea Symfonisk smart home products lineup have been positive. Many have lauded the products for simply looking like everyday, old school objects in a hyper-connected world, while being reasonably decent speakers in their own right. Sonos has established a fairly strong reputation for itself in the smart home audio space, but given that it has largely catered to the American audience, continues to mostly remain a relatively unknown entity among smart home audio buyers in India.

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