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Unbelievable! Thief snatches phone in Noida, returns it back saying “Bhai mujhe laga OnePlus 9 Pro hai”

Have you ever heard that after stealing your phone, the thief comes and returns it back to you? This surprising incident happened in Noida after a journalist’s phone was snatched at the Sector 52 metro station.

However, there is a twist in the tale as the thief came and returned it back to him saying, “Bhai mujhe laga One Plus 9 pro model hai.”

This whole saga started when Debayan Roy, a journalist was texting someone while standing at the metro station in Sector 52 in Noida, suddenly, to his utter surprise he found out that a man wearing a black mask snatched his phone and ran off. 

Roy followed the thief to get back his phone but he saw that the thief was running towards him instead of trying to escape. And he came and said that he thought that it was an OnePlus 9 Pro and dropped the phone on the floor and ran away. The phone used by the journalist is Samsung Galaxy S10+.

It looks like the craze for the OnePlus 9 Pro has gone into the head of thieves and they are leaving no stone unturned to get it.

Roy tweeted the whole incident on Twitter with the hashtag #WhatWasThis and this left Twitteratis in splits as many users poked fun at the entire fiasco.

However, on a serious note, it is advisable to be extra careful when you are using your phone in public places as not everyone can be lucky as a journalist.

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